You are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your website if you aren’t using Pinterest for business. It is because more than 445 million Pinterest consumers use Pinterest every month. Still, if you’re wondering how to use Pinterest for business, we’ve described some exceptional strategies to help you grow your website.

Pinterest has become an excellent social media platform to promote your business, increase sales and grow traffic to your blog. Still, if you ask, can I grow my business using Pinterest?

Quick answer: Pinterest can help to grow your business.

Please continue reading for the longer answer, which includes how you can use Pinterest for business.

Create Your Pinterest Business Account

First, you will have to create a business account for Pinterest to start. You can also convert your Pinterest account to a Pinterest business account. Here is how you can create a business account on Pinterest.

  • Go to
  • Put your business name and add the website.
  • Customize your business account profile (profile picture, username, personal details, etc.)
  • Claim other social media accounts to get credit on Pinterest.

Use Pinterest for Business:

Implementing a social media marketing strategy before starting Pinterest for business is crucial. You must know what it takes to become successful on Pinterest to attract traffic to your blog. You can also read some prolific benefits of using Pinterest as a blogger to diversify audiences to your website.

 Here is how you can use Pinterest to start a business.

1. Know the target audience and create content accordingly

It would be unwise to jump straight into Pinterest without determining the kind of content you will be posting on the platform. You will not become successful on Pinterest if you do not target a specific audience and keep uploading irrelevant content.

It would be best to do some research like:

  • Content that audiences usually engage with
  • Knowing specific Pinterest audience related to your brand
  • Content strategies that your competitors implement

Once you are sure about the content the Pinterest audience would like to see, you can start creating content as much as you can.

Learn more how to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your blog organically.

2. Create visually captivating and actionable pins

Primarily, Pinterest is a platform for sharing inspiring ideas through photos and videos called “pins.” It would be best to create eye-pleasing pins that stand out from that pool of images. If you ever come across such exceptional images on Pinterest to get inspiration from, you can download them using our free Pinterest image downloader tool.

Here is what it takes to create an attractive and actionable pin:

  • Vertical image/video with a 2:3 aspect ratio
  • Image/video should be of the best possible quality
  • Must contain text overlay and descriptive copy
Pinterest can help to grow your business.

3. Try alternative pin formats

Pinterest is not only about photos and images. Though most pins shared on Pinterest are in image format, you can also use video format. Moreover, you can also pin multiple images step-by-step to promote your brand.

Popular brands like Nike share their pins in video format. If you need ideas from some videos out there, you can download them using our free Pinterest video downloader tool.

4. SEO-optimize your pins

New content creators are usually hasty and post their content without proper optimization. However, it is never going to work this way. Pinterest is like a search engine, and you should always SEO-optimize your pins before uploading them to Pinterest.

Now, if you’re wondering how I should optimize my pins? Here is how you do it:

  • Add a working URL(link to your website) to the pin
  • Put keywords in image descriptions and titles
  • Use hashtags
  • Create a board related to your blog posts
  • Add a Pinterest widget to your blog

Most importantly, use Rich pins to boost your Pinterest SEO. Rich pins promote newer content to Pinterest from your blog and discard duplicate content.

5. Try advertising on Pinterest

If you have tried everything to use Pinterest for business and still feel that you are falling short in your strategies, you should try advertising your Pins on Pinterest. Promoted pins are regular pins, and you need to pay for them to make them reach more audiences.

Moreover, if you’re an advertiser, Pinterest will let you reach an audience of your choice, like age, region, keywords, and everything you want. This comprehensive audience targeting enables your promoted pins to reach people:

  • Who have visited your blog
  • Who have engaged with and liked your pins
  • A whole list of newsletter subscribers

Advertised pins get more visibility than you’re paying for; thus, it is worth it.

6. Add “Pin it” button to your blog or website

Whenever you read a blog post on a website, you would have seen a “Pin it” button giving you a choice to pin that post to Pinterest. So, you should always add a “Pin it” to your blog. It will let people pin your content to their boards. Hence, it will help your blog to get more reach and repeat audiences.

Most importantly, always choose the best blog post from your website to feature on Pinterest that makes the most sense on the platform.

7. Always use Analytics

A flawless Pinterest marketing strategy always includes analytics. Pinterest Analytics tracks and analyzes various metrics to help you know how you perform using Pinterest for business.

You can see what content is doing the most for you and what is less engaging. Additionally, you can learn the following:

  • Audience demographics
  • Daily impressions and clicks
  • Devices being used by your users
  • Average monthly viewers


Pinterest can play a massive role in growing your business if you execute the proper techniques and strategic approaches. You must follow our 7 tips to use Pinterest for business and look no more. Don’t make haste; take your time to create quality content for Pinterest before you post it.

After reading our strategies, I hope your search for how to use Pinterest for business will end. If you implement all it takes, Pinterest will do wonders to grow your business. Cheers!

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