Are you looking for ideas regarding recipes, fashion, home decor, and much about your other pursuits? Or are you planning to use Pinterest but don’t know how to start? If both, then you’re at the right place because we will talk about how to use Pinterest: A complete guide for beginners.

Pinterest acts as a visual search engine that provides and recommends to users the content they like the most. More than 445 million people visit this platform every month. Bloggers get conversion and traffic from Pinterest to their websites when people follow links added to their pins to get newer content associated with pins.

However, you can use Pinterest for ideas as a beginner; later, you can create attractive pins and post them to grow your business. If you are a beginner wondering how to use and make money on Pinterest, then keep reading the article to understand how to use Pinterest for business marketing.

Pinterest Perfect Guide for Beginners

Basic Terminologies a Beginner must know:

1. Home feed

On your home feed, Pinterest will show pins, brands, and people based on your interests and recent activity so that you get engaged. Home feed also features people, topics, and brands suitable to your pursuits.

2. Pins

Pins are the visuals (photos and videos) that users create, share, save and browse. When clicked, a pin directs you to its creator’s website to help get more like that and information regarding where to buy it. You can also save a pin to your board.

3. Boards

A Pinterest board is where you save your pins. A board makes it easier for you to reach your saved pins. Moreover, you can categorize boards for different kinds of pins for your convenience. For example, if you love fitness, you’d want to create boards named abs, chest, legs, etc., with a chest board containing only pins related to chest exercises.

4. Personal Account

A Pinterest personal account is just like your Facebook or Instagram account, where you seek inspiration and ideas from visuals and can get purchase details as well. A personal account on Pinterest befits users who do browsing, seek ideas, and make purchases.

5. Business Account

The Pinterest business accounts best suit those keen on business marketing and driving traffic to their website. It is because business accounts pack extra promoting ads, analytics, and many other tools to grow your business.

Read more about How to use Pinterest for business in 2023.

If you already have a personal account, you can convert it into a Pinterest business account. Otherwise, go to to create a business account for Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest: Perfect Guide for Beginners

Join this colorful platform today and kick-start your journey by learning these steps on how to use Pinterest like a pro.

Pinterest Guide for Beginners

1. Sign up for an account on Pinterest

Initially, Pinterest only featured an invite sign-up, meaning you had to wait for the platform to let you join. Later on, when the number of users increased, it became free for everyone to sign up for an account, so you can go to the Pinterest website and sign up with your email.

When you first sign up on Pinterest, you will get an option of linking your account to your Facebook or Twitter account. However, linking any of these accounts will make it easier for you to find your favorite brands, blogs, interests, and friends on Pinterest. You can also sign up with an email and link your social media account later.

2. Create your profile

Before choosing a username for your Pinterest profile, look at your other social media account usernames. Always pick a username that matches your other social media accounts because it brings professionalism to your social profiles and makes it easier for people to find you.

If you are creating a personal account, choose a profile picture with a clear face. Moreover, select a professional brand logo for a business account.

3. Follow a few boards

When you’ve created your profile, Pinterest will suggest some boards to follow, or you can browse yourself to find boards of your choice. Follow some boards, so your favorite pins or visuals fill your home feed.

You will have to select a minimum of five Pinterest recommendations, and only those will appear on your feed.

4. Adjust some settings

After you’re done with your customizations, adjust settings like enabling email notifications. Later, when you start pinning, allow your notifications so that you might see and connect back with people who like, comment, and repin your posts.

You can turn off notifications once they start piling up unnecessarily.

5. Create your boards

You will have to create boards to categorize and collect items you like. A board makes it easier for you to reach your saved pins. Moreover, you can organize boards for different kinds of pins for your convenience.

For example, recipes, home decor, and book boards will contain pins only related to the board niche.

6. Start pinning

When you’ve come this far start, you should be pinning. Whenever you see an image or video you like, you can pin it by clicking the red pin it button. Before adding it to your board, you must write its description and designate it to one of your boards.

Moreover, you can also post your pins by visiting the Pins page and clicking the “add a pin” button. Create attractive pins, pick that image/video, choose a designated board, and write a description before uploading. People can repin your uploaded pin to their board.

Fortunately, you can download any Pinterest images to your gallery through our Pinterest image downloader. You can also use our Pinterest video downloader to save videos from Pinterest.

7. Get Social

You need to be an extrovert on Pinterest to get more followers and make more friends. You can do this by following more boards.

You can get more followers by liking and passing good comments on their pins. Once you get more followers and friends, you’re all set to start your business on Pinterest as a blogger.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Pinterest is a visual search engine for sharing ideas through photos and videos called “pins.” You will need to create eye-catching pins that show up from that pool of images. Here is how you can create attracting and converting pins for Pinterest:

  • Vertical image/video with a 2:3 aspect ratio
  • Using Image/video of the best possible quality
  • Adding text overlay and descriptive copy
  • Adding a working URL to the pin
  • Putting keywords in image descriptions and titles
  • Using hashtags

Here is how you can post on Pinterest on Desktop, Android, and IOS:

  • Log into your Pinterest account
  • Visit the Pins page and click the” +” or “add a pin” button.
  • Click the directional arrow up circle icon on the Desktop and the camera icon on Android and IOS to upload your image/video.
  • Add a title, a description, and your blog link, and tap next.
  • Choose a board to save the pin or create a new one, and you’re done.

  • Here is how you can delete your Pinterest account on Desktop, Android, and IOS:
  • Log into your Pinterest account
  • Click the directional chevron-down icon at the top-right corner to open your menu on the Desktop. Tap the profile picture and then three dots in the bottom right corner in Android and IOS.
  • Click settings and then account management
  • Click delete account under settings and tap on continue.
  • Select why you are deleting your account and then send an email.
  • Check the email to confirm your account deletion.

You can make money on Pinterest in two ways without Pinterest being involved:

1. Make Partnership with brands

You tag and label your brand partners in your pins for sponsorship purposes through paid partnerships. It also promotes your profile and increases its reach. You get paid by your brand partners without Pinterest being involved.

2. Drive traffic to your blog

People will visit your website when they follow the link associated with your pin to make purchases and find more similar content. It will finally help you make money on Pinterest indirectly.

  • Log into your Pinterest account
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Tap into the board where you’ve saved the pin you want to delete.
  • Open the pin and tap on the ellipsis icon
  • Tap on Edit Pin and select delete.
  • Tap on the delete pin option to confirm the deletion


Pinterest can generate jaw-dropping benefits for you. Even if you are a beginner and thinking of starting Pinterest for business or blogging, you must not miss this platform. After reading How to use Pinterest: Complete Guide for Beginners, I hope you’ve learned everything about Pinterest.

However, Pinterest can generate a lot of traffic to your blog while diversifying your audience source. Learn more to learn the benefits of using Pinterest as a blogger. Kick-start your Pinterest journey as a beginner today so that you become an expert tomorrow. Good luck!

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